You state “We’ll just put in the work” towards the end of your article. Which implies others don’t “just put in the work” as a contrast to the idea that others are disproportionately affected by systemic racism.

So while you may imagine you sympathize with others — I don’t actually think you do. There are two interesting psychological theories that you bring to mind.

The first is the “Fundamental Attribution Error”. It’s pretty blatant in your undertones. The idea is that a person typically sees their own success as a product of their own merits and actions but see’s others’ success as luck. Conversely, one typically sees their own failures as bad luck but sees others’ failures as a product of their merits and actions.

So while you see your success as a byproduct of your work ethic, anyone who isn’t successful you see as claiming “disproportionate affect” which is, in your undertones, a moral and behavioral short-coming.

Secondly, I notice the “Just-World Hypothesis” which manifests itself more subtly in your argument. It is the idea that people receive what people deserve. Ie: if you are unsuccessful, it’s not the system: You just haven’t worked for it (like me).

You seem open to discussion and that’s why I’m taking the time to point out some of my observations. I would recommend some reading on implicit bias, and now systemic racism tries to convince those who are oppressed that it is not the system doing it, but rather one’s own moral or behavioral shortcomings.


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